Staging your home

Staging your home - Ottawa House and Condo Hub


  • Pack everything you are not using or essential including valuables– get a head start
  • Have a major clean up- including carpets, outside doors and windows, baseboards, door handles and frames, cupboard fronts, mirrors, light fixtures and light switch plates
  • Use neutral colours when painting and changing your linens
  • Make sure everything works including, door handles, hinges and faucets
  • Use maximum watt bulbs allowed in fixture and turn all the lights on for showings
  • Clear all surfaces, like bathroom and kitchen counters, and dressers and even soap
  • Hide electrical cords, phone and cable cords
  • Put away all mats, including bath, kitchen and door mats
  • Make sure the fuse box, furnace water tank etc are accessible to buyers
  • Change any filters, if needed
  • Make all necessary repairs, inside and out
  • Keep hallways clear- don’t leave anything on the floor
  • Put away all children’s toys and office equipment
  • Remove or neutralize smells- don’t mask them with deodorizers.
  • At night keep your outside lights on even when your aren’t home- buyers often do late Night drive bys
  • Clear away towels or clothes hanging on doors and hooks, any dirty laundry and hampers

All Cupboards/Closets

  • Declutter and clean your kitchen cupboards and clean the fridge
  • Pack 1/3 of the clothes in your closet and turn the hangers in the same direction.
  • Remove anything from the floor of your closet and store away
  • Allow for closet space to be showcased in the best way possible
  • Hang clothes neatly, remove clothes from hooks and doors


  • Move cars out of the driveway
  • Clean entry door and handles
  • Sweep hard surfaces
  • Give plants a good water
  • Do a quick walk around the house for stray garbage
  • If you smoke remove all evidence of smoking inside and outside
  • Consider a fresh coat of paint on the front door- black gloss
  • Add a new welcome mat outside
  • Mow, rake, sweep or shovel snow
  • Make sure your doorbell work