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About Kenson Park

Kenson Park is a small, mature neighbourhood located in the west end of Ottawa right off of Woodroffe Avenue. This community features the lush Kenson Park, for which the area is named after, providing ample green space for residents to enjoy. The safety and health of residents’ are ensured with the Queensway Carleton Hospital being within close proximity.

This is also the perfect neighbourhood for those that use public transportation. There are a plethora of bus stops located along Iris, and the Iris Bus Station is just a short distance away as well as the NCC bike path for commuters deciding to forgo their car. As a major plus for personal commuters, located just a few blocks away is the 417 entrance and exit!

The schools surrounding Kenson Park are:

  • J H Putman Public School
  • Bishop Hamilton Montessori School
  • Pinecrest Public School
  • Torah Academy of Ottawa

A cool fact about Kenson Park:

College Square is right around the corner, with 30 stores!

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